MedHopeful: Entertainment and Advice for Budding Physicians

I recently came across a blog for students interested in medical school and the admission process. The blog is written by two University of Toronto medical students (Joshua Liu and Shelly Luu) and features a step-by-step guide to learning about Canadian medical schools and how to get in: “What is medical school? How long does it take to become a doctor? What university courses do I need? What is the MCAT? What extra curriculars should I do? How do I apply for medical school?”

The “Get Started” section of the blog is divided into five series:

(1) Premed basics: Learn the path to becoming a doctor and the basics of applying to medical school; (2) University applications: An introduction to selecting your university program and courses; (3) GPA, MCAT & ECs: Everything you need to know about GPA, the MCAT, and building a strong resume; (4) Application process: Learn all about essays, reference letters and interviews; and (5) Results: Accepted? Waitlisted? Rejected? Get some advice on what to do next.

Recent bog posts include: “The 7 Traits Medical Schools are Looking for in Applicants” and “10 Things I Would Tell My 1st Year Undergrad Self.” Overall, this is an excellent place to start for all potential applicants to Canadian medical schools. Its many resources on admissions, scholarships, undergraduate life or health care in general make a must-see for aspiring physicians.


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