This blog was established to offer information and analyses on higher education in Canada – and occasionally in the United States as well (thus the “Parallel 49″ reference). It provides observations and commentaries on undergraduate and graduate university education, and strives to becomes a reliable source of knowledge – a lighthouse of sorts in a stormy sea of data – on these topics. Particular attention is given to international studies (e.g., opportunities for international students in Canada), while at the same time assessing the state of the Canadian higher education in general.

The author, Dragos Popa, is an Ottawa, ON-based university instructor. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and a M.A. in European Studies, both from Carleton University (Ottawa), and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at several universities in Ontario, Canada. Key subjects taught include North American Relations (University of Ottawa, 2008-2012), Transatlantic Security Issues (Carleton University, 2008-2011), and National and International Security and International Affairs (Canadian Forces College, 2009-2010). Contact at: parallel49education@gmail.com

(The views expressed here are the author’s alone and do not necessarily represent the views of any of his employers. The author is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites this blog links to).

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